Two Business Growth DVD Training Courses For Just £97 +VAT
“The Business Accelerator” and “The Strategy Compass” provide eight hours of first class content to equip the rising stars of your organisation to grow your business.  
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Offer available until 1st September 2017
The Business Accelerator
Business Accelerator DVD
This energetic, interactive seven module DVD training will give you easy-to-implement strategies and techniques to get you and your team into a phase of accelerated growth.
  •  Do you need business help to inspire business performance and to improve business performance?
  •  Do you want to know how to grow your business? 
  •  Are you frustrated that you are not progressing fast enough towards your goals, dreams and aspirations you have for your business? 
  •  Do you feel your business is no longer run on your terms?
Business Accelerator

Module 1: Time to Grow
* Why Now is the right time to Grow
* What leading companies are up to that is delivering great results in the market right now
*Two strategies modelled from very high growth entrepreneurs that will transform the results that you get in your business .

Modules 2a & 2b: Mindset
* Discover the underlying drivers to your performance
How a Sat Nav can show you the way to accelerated growth .
* Learn which questions to ask instead to accelerate way beyond what you have done before
* Do the powerful processes Gavin takes you through to re-programme your brain to deliver you higher performance

Modules 3a & 3b: Marketing
* The marketing strategies that are getting traction in the market place right now
* One strategy that will catapult the growth of your business and won’t cost you a fortune
* Embrace this one trend to attract more customers to your site and business
* How to convince your customers to buy
* How to get your customers to come back and buy from you again and again

Module 4: Mechanics
* The mechanics required to accelerate your growth
* How systems can build your wealth
* How you can systematise referrals in your business to accelerate growth
* Module 5: Bonus Module – Strategy
* An overview of some the Strategic Planning tools I use with my strategic planning clients
* How to apply those tools to your industry and your business to spot new opportunities.
The Strategy Compass
The Strategy Compass
Using Gavin's business growth model, The Strategy Compass, this 10 module strategy-packed DVD training course will give you the tools to develop the growth strategies for your business.
  •  Are you frustrated with plateauing revenues or with incremental growth?
  • Are you experiencing problems with a disengaged workforce and market place and with intense competition eroding profit margins? 
  •  Does your business feel that it is no longer giving you the return you deserve or the excitement that it once did?
Strategy Compass

Module 1: Introduction
*Frustrations of Business Owners
* What is Strategy
* The Strategy Compass

Module 2: Purpose
* Business as a force for good
* The ‘Purpose’ Business Case
* So what is your why?

Module 3: Mindset
*  The disabling question
*  Four Growth Initiators

Module 4: Mindset Tools
* The enabling question
* Five Mind Conditioning Tools
* The Right State
* Daily Rituals

Module 5: Outcome
* Five Principles of Goal Setting
* Dumb Goals
* Get Set

Module 6: Strategy
* Strategising Tips & traps to avoid
* Trend explorer

Module 7: Strategy Tools
* Strategic Explorer
* Your Hedgehog
* Values Discipline
* Value Innovation

Module 8 & 9: Capability & Capacity
* Not enough time: How to Get More Done
* Not Enough Money
* People not capable enough
* There are not the right people
* Change Management

Module 10: Action & Accountability
* Learnings Capture
* Quarterly Milestones
* Overcoming Intertia
* Personal Responsibility
* Action
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This offer of £97 +VAT and £5 P&P for both The Business Accelerator and Strategy Compass DVDs is available until 1st September 2017
"Gavin has some impressive experience that he manages to convey in a very grounded, enjoyable and incredibly impactful way."
Sian Ellingworth, Lobal Ltd
"Gavin’s Business Accelerator Programme has been a great investment of time in my business. If you want to grow your business you won’t regret it."
 Gary Elson, Elson Geaves Accountants Ltd
"Gavin’s enthusiasm to see businesses succeed is infectious and his passion for helping business owners achieve their potential is unending."
 Pauline Evans, Gloucester Express Business Travel Centre
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